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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Printable Bible Crossword 005 - Psalms 46:1-3

The Candle's Parable

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Printabel Bible Crossword - ANSWERS

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Printable Bible Crossword 004 - Isaiah 60:1-3

The Coming Glory of Jerusalem

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Printable Bible Crossword 003 - Matthew 1:18-23

The Birth of Jesus Christ

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Printabel Bible Crossword - ANSWERS

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Printable Bible Crosswords

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:: Printable Bible Crossword 004
:: Printable Bible Crossword 003
:: Printable Bible Crossword 002
:: Printable Bible Crossword 001

Printable Bible Crossword 002 - Matthew 1.1-16

Christ's Genealogy in Matthew

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Printabel Bible Crossword - ANSWERS

Printable Bible Crossword - Answers

001 - Horizontal: 1. heron, 3. pelican, 5. lapwing, 8. bat, 9. ossifrage, 11. hawk, kite.
Vertical: 2. ospray, 4. stork, 6. swan, 7. eagle, 8. owl, 10. cormorant, 12. raven.

002 - Horizontal: 1. Solomon, 3. Jesse, 5. Ezekias, 6. Asa, 7. Joseph, 9. Abia, 10. Isaac, 12. Roboam.
Vertical: I. David, II. boaz, III. judah, V. Josias, VII. Josaphat, X. Abraham, XI. Obed.

Printable Bible Crossword 001 - Lev 11.13-19

Fowls That Shall Not be Eaten

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Printabel Bible Crossword - ANSWERS

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Bible Quiz - Joseph in Egypt

Click on an alternative and then in the ANSWER button to see the correct answer:

  • 1 - To whom Joseph was sold in Egypt?

    A - Potiphar.
    B - Cleopatra.
    C - Pharaoh.

  • 2 - About what was Pharaoh's dream?

    A - Corn and wheat.
    B - Cows and ears.
    C - Sheep and cattle.

  • 3 - Who first suggested selling Joseph?

    A - Judah.
    B - Simeon.
    C - Naphtali.

  • 4 - What Joseph had said would happen, when he interpreted Pharaoh's dream?

    A - Earthquakes.
    B - Famine.
    C - Epidemics.

  • 5 - Joseph ordered hiding an object in Benjamin's sack. What object was that?

    A - A golden comb.
    B - A cymbal.
    C - A silver cup.

  • 6 - To what people Joseph's brothers sold him?

    A - The hittites.
    B - The jebusites.
    C - The ishmaelites.

  • 7 - For what reason Joseph ended up in Pharaoh's prison?

    A - He killed a man.
    B - He do not permit himself to be seduced by his master's wife.
    C - He stole money from his master.

  • 8 - Which of Joseph's brothers wanted to save him?

    A - Levi.
    B - Dan.
    C - Reuben.

  • 9 - Which of Joseph's brothers stayed behind in Egypt as a prisoner?

    A - Judah.
    B - Simeon.
    C - Benjamin.

  • 10 - What the price was that Joseph's brothers charged for him?

    A - Twenty pieces of silver.
    B - Frankincense and Myrrh.
    C - Twenty lambs.

Bible Quiz - Genesis 3

Push the button with the correct answer:

1- What was the name of the man who pioneered the practice of polygamy?


2- Who was the ancestor of the shepherds?


3- Who was the ancestor of the musicians?


4- Who was the ancestor of the metalworkers?


5- What was the name of the third son of Adam and Eve, after Cain had killed Abel?


6- What was the name of the grandson of Adam and Eve?


7- How many years Adam, the first man, had lived?


8- Enoch, one of Noah's ancestors, did not die because he was taken by God. How many years he lived in this world?


9- Methuselah was, amongst men, the one which had achieved the greatest longevity. How many years he lived in this world?


10- How old was Noah when his three children began to be born, who, with him, had survived the flood?


Bible Quiz - Genesis 2

Push the button with the right answer:

1- Who gave names to all the animals that had been created?

Adam and Eve.

2- God created woman, primarily, for her to be for the man "an help meet for him" (Gen 2:18). What is the meaning of this words?

Friendly, good company.
 Able to perform certain roles or carry out certain works.
Beautiful, seductive.

3- God forbade Adam and Eve eating the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil. What else they could not do regarding this fruit?

Touch it.
Look at it.
Smell it.

4- With what kind of material were made the clothes of the first human beings?

Fig leaves.
Animal skins.
Grape leaves.

5- Why God drove Adam and Eve out from Eden?

Because they had disobeyed the order that He had given them not to eat from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.
Because they had become like God, knowing good and evil.
So that they do not eat the fruit of the Tree of Life.

6- What was the occupation of the first human being?

Tiller of the ground.

7- Who was the first son of Adam and Eve?


8- Why was Cain so enraged with Abel, coming to kill him?

Because God was more pleased of Abel's offering.
Because Adam and Eve loved more Abel and his sheep than Cain's vegetables.

9- After God had rebuked him, Cain went to dwelt in what place?


10- What was the name of the first city men built, according to the Bible?


Monday, January 6, 2014

Bible Quiz - Dinah and Shechem

Push the button with the correct answer:

1- What was the name of the mother of Dinah, the eldest daughter of Jacob?


2- What is the name of the young Hivite who fell in love with Dinah when she went to visit the daughters of the land, laying with her?


3- Who was the father of the young man who fell in love with Dinah?


4- What did Jacob when he heard that Shechem had lain with his daughter Dinah?

Held his peace until they were come.
Got furious, ripping his clothes.
He sent for Hamor the father of Shechem.

5- What was the proposal of Hamor to Jacob and his sons?

To give one of his daughters in exchange for Dinah.
That they took Dinah, and valuable gifts, and leave their land.
To become a single people, through marriages.

6- What was the condition that the sons of Jacob imposed upon the Hivites, so that to become a single people?

That they were converted to the God of Israel.
That all men were circumcised between them.
Them to begin keeping the Sabbath.

7- After the men accepted the proposal of the sons of Jacob doing what they were asked, how many days passed before the Israelis attacked them?

One day.
Three days.
Five days.

8- What were the two brothers of Dinah, who took revenge by killing the Hivites?

Dan and Naphtali.
Judah and Zebulun.
Simeon and Levi.

9- What was the attitude of the other brothers of Dinah?

They went and plundered the city.
They harshly rebuked his brothers for having killed the men of the city.
They scolded her sister Dinah for having gone to visit the daughters of the land.

10- What was the attitude of Jacob when he heard what his sons had done?

He rejoiced because Dinah had been brought back, making a feast.
He was troubled, fearing the vengeance of the men of that place.
He punished his daughter Dinah for having gone to visit the daughters of the land.

Monday, December 30, 2013

Bible Quiz - Kings in the Bible 1

Push the button with the right answer:

1- At the time Abraham went to Canaan there a famous war was fought between various kingdoms. How many kings were involved?


2- Who was king of Salem (which later became Jerusalem), and priest of the Most High God, in the time of Abraham?


3- What is the name of the king of the Philistines who thought to take Sarah, Abraham's wife, thinking she was solely his sister?


4- From which country was the king who prevented Israel by crossing his land in  his journey from Egypt to Canaan?


5- Which king of the Moabites hired the prophet Balaam to curse the people of Israel?


6- What was the name and country of the king who was a "refain," ie, a giant, and whose bed measured 9 cubits (about 4 meters)?

Og king of Bashan.
Sihon king of Heshbon.
The canaanite king of Arad.

7- From which city was the king that Joshua hanged, leaving his body on the tree until the sunset?


8- What was the name of the king of Jerusalem at the time of the conquest of Canaan?


9- Who was the king of Mesopotamia from which the Israelites were freed by Othniel, after having served, for eight years, that king?


10- Who was the king of Moab, so fat that, when stabbed dead by Ehud, the israelite, the fat from his belly enclosed the dagger, hiding it completely?


Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Bible Quizz - Money in the Bible 1

Push the button with the correct answer:

1- How Joseph took possession of all the money that was in the land of Egypt?

Charging with high taxes the Egyptian people.
Selling to the Egyptians the grain that had been stored.
Confiscating all the gold and silver in the hands of the Egyptians.

2- How much more should restore a thief, caught after stealing money, for the amount that had been stolen?

Four times.
Three times.
Two times.

3- Does God allowed the charging of interest on loans of money to persons of their own people?

Solely what was necessary to replace losses due to inflation.

4- What part of the cash value of a house consecrated to the Lord should be added to the price of its ransom?

The third part.
The fifth part.
The seventh part.

5- For how many shekels of silver Abraham bought the field of Mamre the Hittite?

Eight hundred.
Six hundred.
Four hundred.

6- How many shekels of silver each lord of the Philistines promised to give Delilah for the betraying of Samson?

Eleven hundred.
Fifteen hundred.
Nineteen hundred.

7- Who came first with the idea of making a box with a hole in it to deposit the money offerings to the Lord's work?

Aaron, the Priest.
Jehoiada, the Priest.
Ezra, the Priest.

8- To whom would the money of the guilt offering and of the sin offering?

For the priests.
For the builders and workers in God's House.
For the vessels of gold, silver and brass in God's House.

9- How much was the worth in cash that Pharaoh Necho imposed on the Jews living in Jerusalem after he had arrested and deported king Jehoahaz?

An hundred talents of silver, and a talent of gold.
An hundred talents of gold.
An hundred talents of silver.

10- What was the amount of interest charged for loans between Jews in the time of Nehemiah?

One fifth.
One tenth.
One hundredth.